Our Statutes

Art. 1 Name and Office
Under the name of the Malaysian Swiss Association (MSA) and pursuant to the general meeting held
on the 28th March 1992, was established an Association under the Civil Code Art. 60ff, with its
headquarters in Zürich. The address for communication purposes for the time being and which is
subject to changes is Postfach 2713, 8021 Zürich.
Art. 2 Object of Association
The objects for which the Association is established are unrestricted and shall include, but without
limitation, the following:-
2.1 To foster and strengthen relationship among Malaysians, Malaysian / Swiss Families and
Malaysian friends in Switzerland.
2.2 To promote Malaysian culture and identity and integration in Switzerland.
2.3 To mediate for understanding, development and friendship by maintaining regular contacts
among Malaysians living in Switzerland.
2.4 Organising Social events / Extra curricular activities.
Art. 3 Membership
Membership is open to any Malaysians, non-Malaysians and corporate bodies who is a resident of
Switzerland. An individual may either be an "active" or "passive" member. For the purpose of this
article, corporate bodies may only be passive members.
The definitions of an active and passive member are as follows:-
3.1 Active Member
3.1.1 Subject to clause 3.3 of this article, all Malaysians, their spouses and their families are to be
considered an active member of the Association.
3.1.2 Only an active member, his/her spouse and children above 14 years of age are entitled to vote
at general meetings.
3.2 PassiveMember
3.2.1 Membership to non-Malaysians has to be approved by the Committee members.
3.2.2 Subject to clause 3.3 of this article, only Corporations are to be considered a passive member
of the Association.
3.2.3 A passive member is not entitled to vote at general meetings.
3.2.4 A passive member may not be elected as a Committee member.
3.3 Any individual wanting to be a member of the Association has to fill in the registration form and
send this form together with the subscription fee for the year to the Treasurer of the Association.
Membership is only valid upon receipt of registration form and subscription fee.
Art. 4 Cancellation of Membership
Cancellation of membership takes place upon occurrence of the following: -
4.1 Death.
4.2 Receipt of letter from member requesting cancellation of membership. Subscription fee will not
be pro rated and refunded to ex -member upon cancellation of membership.
4.3 Non payment of subscription fee after due reminder has been given to member since one year.
4.4 Membership may also be cancelled by the Committee members. Members may be requested to
resign by the Committee if they were found acting against the Association's policy, objectives
and code of conduct. Members who have been requested to resign, have the right to make an
appeal at General Meeting.
Art. 5 Organisation
The organisation of the Association shall comprise of the following:
5.1 General Meeting
5.2 Committee Members
5.3 Auditors
5.1 General Meeting
5.1.1 The Association shall in each year of its existence hold a General Meeting as its Annual
General Meeting and shall specify the meeting as such in the invitations calling it. The Annual
General Meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Committee members shall
5.1.2 At least two weeks notice shall be given of an Annual General Meeting or any other general
meeting. Every notice or invitation shall be exclusive of the day on which it is given and shall
specify the place, the day and the hour of the meeting and the general nature of the business.
5.1.3 The Committee may whenever they think fit, and they shall on the requisition of 1/4 of the
existing members of the Association, proceed to convene a general meeting of the
Association. A general meeting convened as aforesaid by requisitionists shall be convened in
the same manner as that in which general meetings are to be convened by the Committee
members. The requisition must state the object of the meeting and must be signed by the
requisitionists and deposited at the office of the Association.
5.1.4 No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless it has been announced with
the invitation to a general meeting.
5.1.5 The President of the Committee shall preside as Chairman at every general meeting of the
Association, when if he/she shall not be present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed
for the holding of the meeting, or is unwilling to act, the Vice Presidents present shall elect one
of their number to be Chairman of the meeting.
5.1.6 At any general meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show
of hands unless a poll is, before or on the declaration of the results of the show of hands,
demanded by the majority of members present in person or by proxy. Decisions are made
simple majority of members present.
5.1.7 Subject to any rights or restrictions herein mentioned, every member of record present in
person or by proxy shall be in writing and shall be executed under the hand of the appointer.
5.1.8 Powers of General Meeting are as follows:- Election Committee members and auditors Approval of accounts. Approval of annual budget and subscription fee Amend Association's statutes. Dissolve the Association. Review appeal
5.2 Committee Members
5.2.1 There shall be a Committee consisting of not more than seven persons PROVIDED
HOWEVER that the Association may from time to time by resolution of members at general
meet ing increase or reduce the limits in the number of Committee members. The Committee
shall comprise of the following: - President A Vice President A Public Relation Officer (new, as decided by the Committee) Secretary Treasurer General Affairs Officer
5.2.2 There shall always be a Malaysian filling the positions of President and Vice President as
decided in General Meeting.
5.2.3 The management of the affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Committee
members who may pay all expenses incurred in promoting, registering and setting up the
Association. The Committee members may from time to time provide for the management of the affairs of
the Association in such manner as they shall think fit. The Committee members from time to time and at any time may establish any support
group, sub-committees and project teams to undertake certain tasks or organising certain
social events. The secretary shall cause minutes to be made in books provided for the purpose:
1. of all appointments of Committee members made at General Meeting and their
respective names
2. of all resolutions and proceedings at all meetings of the Association and of the
Committee members. All cheques, payments, bills and all receipts for monies paid to the Association shall be
signed, drawn, accepted endorsed or otherwise executed as the case may be jointly by
either the President, Vice Presidents or Treasurer. The quorum necessary for the transaction of the meeting of the Committee members shall
be four PROVIDED ALWAYSthat there shall at any time be either the President or the Vice
President. The Committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper. Questions and
proposals arising at any meeting shall be determined by a simple majority of votes of the
members present. The President or Vice President may, and the Secretary on the requisition of either the
President or Vice President shall, at any time summon a meeting of the Committee members
by at least two weeks notice. Committee members elected at General Meeting shall hold their offices for a period of three
years, PROVIDED ALWAYS that these offices are held for not more than six years. Committee
members may be re-elected by resolution at General Meeting. Committee members may resign after a period of six months after being elected. Letter of
resignation is to be sent to the Secretary of the Committee. A Committee member not acting in the best interest of the Association may be removed from
office by a simple majority of votes of the Committee members. The duties of the Committee members are unrestricted and shall include, but without
limitation, the following:-
1. They are to act in the best interests of the Association and its members, in line with
the policies and objectives laid out in the statutes.
2. To convene General Meeting and present relevant matters to be considered at
General Meeting.
3. Diligent execution of the decisions or resolutions adopted by General Meeting.
4. To cause proper books of account to be kept with respect to all sums of money
received and expended by the Association and the matters in respect of which the
receipt or expenditure takes place.
5. To present work or social programmes and budget at General Meeting.
5.3 Auditors
5.3.1 The Association may at any Annual General Meeting appoint an Auditor or Auditors of the
Association who shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.
5.3.2 Every Auditor of the Association shall have a right of access at all times to the books and
accounts and vouchers of the association and shall be entitled to require from Committee
members such information and explanation as may be necessary for the performance of the
duties of the auditors.
5.3.3 Auditors shall at the next Annual General Meeting following their appointment and at any other
time during their term of Office, upon request of the Committee members or General Meeting,
make a report on the accounts of the Association in general meeting during their tenure of
Art. 6 Finance
6.1 For maintenance of its functions, the Association can raise funds from the following: -
6.2 Annual subscription fee from members.
6.3 Donations, Contributions and Sponsorships.
6.4 Any revenue made from social events organised by the Association.
Art. 7 Dissolution
7.1 The dissolution of the Association can only be decided at General Meeting PROVIDED that it is
approved by two third (2/3) majority of the members present.
7.2 Upon approval of dissolution by members, final accounts are to be prepared and reviewed by
the Auditors and approved by majority of members at general meeting.
7.3 Upon dissolution, all assets belonging to the Association after paying third party liabilities will be
distributed to a charitable organisation, subject to the approval of General Meeting.
Amended, 8th June 2001, EGM