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‘Advent, Advent, die Kerze brennt...’

As the Autumn days get shorter, darker and colder, one naturally longs for a warm environment. For those who are lucky, they would get to go back to warm Malaysia but for those staying back here, make the best out of these dark days. Nothing beats it than to cuddle on the sofa with a good book, with the candles flickering nearby, giving the smell and feeling of an indescribable warmness during the Advent period.
So, the MSA Committee has agreed to organise this Advent Craft evening to enable Tina Böhler and Mei Kaspar to share their handicraft skills with you. Richard Chew will dish up a simple Malaysian dinner just to warm up our stomach before we get creative with the handicraft.

WHAT: DIY Advent wreath and Erika plant figure
WHERE: GZ Hirzenbach, Heerenschürlistrasse 41, 8051 Zürich
WHEN: 25.11.2021, Thursday, 1800hr
COST: CHF25 ( GZ charges chf 5, material n dinner chf 25 with MSA sponsoring chf 5). Upon registration on our MSA website of, please confirm by banking in chf 25 p.p to MSA account with
IBAN: CH69 0900 0000 8002 7557 9.

For further details of materials which you need to bring, please contact

As required, we will do a Covid certificate control for this event.

Looking forward to sharing this simple get-together in a relaxed and creative atmosphere with you!

Warm regards
MSA Committee
Thu 25 November 2021 at 18:00
GZ Hirzenbach Heerenschürlistrasse 41 8051 Zürich

The registration deadline has passed. Please contact the organizer.
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